Making the Best of Both Worlds: the Effect of the Gospel on Australian Public Life

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Stuart Piggin


Should Christians accept the secularist insistence that they keep out of the public square? Should Christians separate themselves from all the cares and concerns of this world? In other words, do they ignore history which is the study of context and time, or do they remain engaged with the world, listen to the cares and needs of the world, and insist on the right to share in the conversation? This addess speaks of what Christian engagement has achieved in Australia. It is a story little known let alone understood. When it is found it changes our understanding of our history, starting with the origins of European settlement in this land.

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Piggin, Stuart. “Making the Best of Both Worlds: The Effect of the Gospel on Australian Public Life”. Reformed Theological Review 78, no. 3 (December 1, 2019): 217–230. Accessed October 6, 2022.