Prisca and Aquila: Exemplary Models of Gospel Obedience

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Guy Manuell


Prisca and Aquila were a married couple who moved from Rome to Corinth, providing extensive assistance to Paul’s gospel activity in Corinth and Ephesus before returning to Rome. They instructed Apollos about the full message of the gospel, including baptism in the name of Jesus, and hosted house churches in Ephesus and Rome. This article explores their occupation, social status in the secular world, and role in the early Christian community. Reasons for positioning Prisca’s name before her husband’s in Scripture are explored. They exemplify Paul’s guidance for married couples.

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Manuell, Guy. “Prisca and Aquila: Exemplary Models of Gospel Obedience”. Reformed Theological Review 80, no. 3 (December 1, 2021): 218–241. Accessed February 7, 2023.


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