Book reviewers should use the MS Word Book Review Template.

An article template is available for optional use: MS Word Article Template.

With the article template, you can:

1. Start writing your article in the template from the outset.

2. Use the format painter in Word to 'paint' styles from the template into your existing article document.

3. Copy styled sections from the template into your existing document as you need them. Use the 'keep source formatting' paste option so that you don't lose the styles when you paste.

4. Try to paste your existing article into the template. You might need to use the 'merge paste' option in Word to get the pasted information to adapt to the styles in the template. Be careful with this approach, as unexpected format changes can occur.

Outcomes in using the template may vary from user to user. The Word option to restrict styles has not been switched on in the template, although advanced users may want to try that approach. The use of the template is not essential and does not preclude the need for authors to ensure that their submissions conform to the requirements of the submission agreement.