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2023 April: Visio Dei

Project leader: Jared Hood
Alden McCray (Oak Hill, London)
Carl Mosser (USA)
Joshua Schendel (Yellowstone Institute, Montana)
Zachary Seals (University of Geneva)

2023 August: Faith in Paul

Project leader: David Briones
Brad Bitner (Westminster Seminary, California)
Kevin McFadden (Cairn University, Pennsylvania)
Jeanette Pifer (Biola University)

2023 December: Wisdom Literature

Project leader: Daniel Santos Jr

2024 April: Zwingli

Project leader: Joe Mock
K. J. Drake (Indianapolis Seminary)
Pierrick Hildebrand (Bern)
Urs Leu (Zurich)
Volker Leppin (Yale)
Peter Opitz (Zurich)

2025 April: Council of Nicaea

Project leader:

2026 April: J. I. Packer

Project leader: Mark Thompson
Gerald Bray (Knox, Florida; Oak Hill)
Mark Jones (Vancouver)
Alister McGrath (Oxford)
Mark Thompson (Moore College, Sydney)
Carl Trueman (Grove City College, Pennsylvania)

All articles are subject to peer-review.
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