RTR occassionally publishes supplements, which allow for extended focus on topics of interest, the publication of theses of outstanding value, festschriften, and collections of previously published articles.

There are five supplements to date, as follows. These are available for purchase at the shop on the website.

2017, RTRSS #5

Reformation Quincentenary: Essays on the Thought, Practice and Impact of Martin Luther

Ed: Jared C. Hood.

JARED C. HOOD, Foreword, p. 5
MARK D. THOMPSON, Luther and Scripture: Contexts and Commitments, p. 9
JARED C. HOOD, Luther on Justification: ‘inward, eternal, heavenly, divine’, p. 32
PETER BARNES, Martin Luther and the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms, p. 72
RHYS S. BEZZANT, Luther Alone? Life-on-Life Learning in His Table Talk, p. 100
JOE MOCK, Ecclesia Reformanda: Learning from Luther and Zwingli, p. 120
ROWLAND S. WARD, Pre-Reformation Thought and Lutheran Influences in Scotland, 1517–1560, p. 147 
STUART McNAIR BONNINGTON, Henry Balnaves’ Confession of Faith: Luther’s Influence in Scotland? p. 171
IAN J. MADDOCK, Predestination Calmly Considered? Luther, Wesley and the Doctrine of Election, p. 198

ISBN: 9780646974538

2010, RTRSS #4

An Everlasting Covenant: Biblical and Theological Essays in Honour of William J. Dumbrell

Eds: John A. Davies, Allan M. Harman

JOHN DAVIES, Introduction, p. 1
GREGORY GOSWELL, Fathers and Sons in the Books of Samuel, p. 7
MARK GLANVILLE, For the Sins of the Fathers: Generational Recompense  in the Old Covenant and Its Implication for Infants in the New Covenant, p. 29
BRUCE WALTKE, Psalm 2, p. 53
ALLAN M. HARMAN, The Abrahamic Covenant in the Psalter, p. 83
DON WEST, Jesus and his Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, p. 101
STEVEN COXHEAD, Paul and the New Covenant Paradigm, p. 119
JOHN DAVIES, Love for God — A Neglected Theological Locus, p. 145
JOHN MCCLEAN, Of Covenant and Creation: a Conversation between Systematic Theology and Biblical THEOLOGY, p. 165
JOE MOCK, The One and Eternal Covenant of God, p. 201
Selected Writings of William J. Dumbrell, p. 235

ISBN: 9780980667615

2009, RTRSS #3

Preaching the Word: Essays in Honour of Professor Tom Wilkinson

Ed: Stewart D. Gill

 STEWART GILL, Foreword, p. 7.
GEORGE VAN GRONINGEN, A Biblical Theological Basis for Scriptural Preaching, p. 11.
ALLAN M. HARMAN, Preaching from the Psalms, p. 30.
NORMAN T. BARKER, Preaching in the Book of Acts, p. 42.
KLAAS RUNIA, Preaching and the Work of the Holy Spirit, p. 73.
STEWART GILL, Illuminated Manuscripts: The Reformers’ Use of Sermon Illustrations, p. 101.
JOHN P. WILSON, Application in Preaching, p. 118.
DON W. ELLIOTT, Preaching and Counselling, p. 131.
OLIVE WILKINSON, 2 Cor.5:9 ... We make it our aim to please him. (RSV), p. 155

ISBN: 9780980667908

2007, RTRSS #2

Covenant and Kingdom: A Collection of Old Testament Essays by William J. Dumbrell

Eds: Gregory R. Goswell, Allan M. Harman

William John Dumbrell - An Appreciation, p. v.
The Covenant with Noah, p. 1.
The Covenant with Abraham, p. 14.
The Davidic Covenant, p. 27.
Some Observations on the Political Origins of Israel’s Eschatology, p. 39.
Worship and Isaiah 6, p. 52.
Spirit and Kingdom of God in the Old Testament, p. 64.
The Role of the Servant in Isaiah 40-55, p. 79.
Daniel 7 and the Function of Old Testament Apocalyptic, p. 92.
Kingship and Temple in the Post-Exilic Period, p. 105.
Malachi and the Ezra-Nehemiah Reforms, p. 119.
The Theological Intention of Ezra-Nehemiah, p. 135.
A Covenant with Creation (Genesis 6:18) and Jesus and the New Covenant (Luke 22:20), p. 148.

150 pages

ISBN: 0646475448

2001, RTRSS #1

Justification and Eschatology: A Dialogue with “The New Perspective on Paul”

Author: Robert S. Smith

151 pages

ISBN: 0646414798