If you use Endnote software, you may use the RTR endnote style. This is available:

1. by download from the Endnote website: RTR.ens; or
2. by download from the RTR website: RTR.ens.

This is provided ‘as is’, and RTR offers no assistance in its use. It will work for most references, but might not cover every situation. It remains the author's responsibility to ensure that their submission follows the RTR style guide.

The style will create a bibliography at the end of the article. RTR articles are not printed with bibliographies, but the references are required to be submitted as a separate step in the online submission process.

To install the style, you can follow the instructions here:style installation instructions. Double clicking on the downloaded file should import it into Endnote automatically. The style then needs to be enabled in the Style Manager within Endnote.