Union with Christ and the Lord's Supper in Calvin

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Joe Mock


Union with Christ was clearly at the centre of Calvin's soteriology. The Lord's Supper was at the centre of worship for Calvin. Calvin saw an intimate link between the Lord's Supper and the believer growing in union with Christ. This is linked to his understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in the Lord's Supper, his emphasis on the epiclesis and the sursum corda and, following Irenaeus, viewing the sacrament as a ladder to heaven.

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Mock, Joe. “Union With Christ and the Lord’s Supper in Calvin”. Reformed Theological Review 75, no. 2 (July 20, 2016). Accessed February 23, 2024. https://rtrjournal.org/index.php/RTR/article/view/103.
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Joe Mock, Ashfield Presbyterian Church

Assistant Minister, Ashfield Presbyterian Church, NSW