The Lord’s Supper in Calvin’s Sermons on 1 Corinthians

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Joe Mock


Calvin touched on various aspects of the Lord’s Supper in his 1 Corinthians sermons. After looking at Badius’s preface to the sermons, this article examines what Calvin had to say about the errors of the Roman understanding of the Mass, the purpose and benefits of the Lord’s Supper for believers, the covenantal aspect of the Lord’s Supper, and the presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper. An evaluation will be made concerning Gerrish’s often-cited description of Calvin’s understanding of the Lord’s Supper in terms of ‘symbolic instrumentalism'.

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Mock, Joe. “The Lord’s Supper in Calvin’s Sermons on 1 Corinthians”. Reformed Theological Review 79, no. 2 (August 1, 2020): 97–118. Accessed February 23, 2024.